The SmartKnit AFO Liner is a specially designed protective sleeve for plastic AFOs. This innovative liner covers the AFO, not the leg, and shields the wearer’s skin from direct contact with the AFO material reducing sheering or chafing. It provides a healthy comfortable cushioning shield for the AFO wearer’s leg and a breathable cushion for the foot without being hot or bulky. In a choice of white CoolMax, tan polyester or black polyester/X-STATIC® fibers, the liner wicks moisture away from the wearer’s legs, keeping them drier. The yarns are "core-spun" around Lycra, providing the unique benefits of less wrinkling and an ability to conform to the various shapes of AFOs. Core-spun yarns also offer greater strength and superior rebound. All three fibers provide antimicrobial benefits, making the AFO Liner more hygienic.


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