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Cool In The Summer. Warm In The Winter. Comfort All Year Long.
Finally the AFO wearer can step out in comfort and fashion. Summer styles and fashionable footwear are now possible. By covering the brace with the appealing tan color AFO Liner an AFO wearer has the freedom to wear sandals without socks. Keep cool in a white AFO Liner and a comfortable SmartKnit anklet or sport sock. SmartKnit AFO Liners come in white, tan and black—making fashion options endless. Choose matching color SmartKnit socks in traditional AFO or diabetic styles for wear with both the brace and sound leg for additional comfort and fashion. Sleeve the AFO in a black or tan AFO Liner and add a sheer stocking or trouser sock and you are back to business or stepping out in style. For men, a black AFO Liner and comfortable men’s dress sock keeps the focus on business and not the AFO.

Combined with a matching comfortable sock by SmartKnit, the Liner can make the AFO experience a lot easier. They also allow the child to wear trendy seasonal shoes. SmartKnit AFO Liner's innovative design maximizes skin health and provides brace wearers with all-day performance and protection.

Moisture management is essential in preventing various skin conditions associated with wearing an AFO brace for long periods of time. Patented SmartKnit AFO Socks are made of advanced CoolMax® or X-STATIC fibers which provide maximum moisture control by wicking dampness away from the skin. These moisture management systems help prevent skin problems caused by perspiration. CoolMax® and polyester fibers are treated with an antimicrobial to inhibit odor in the sock.

Wrinkling and bunching can cause pressure points which can lead to serious health care complications, especially in people with reduced sensation in the legs and feet. SmartKnit’s unique knitting process uses core-spun spandex yarns that conform to the AFO. This special design ensures SmartKnit AFO Liners help reduce pressure points normally caused by sock wrinkling and bunching in the AFO brace.
Note: Staying healthy is the main objective. May not be suitable for use with AFOs having certain types of joints or other features. Check for proper fit and function. Instruct patient to make sure there are no wrinkles or folds in the fabric that can irritate the skin.

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