–Special features available for hip disarticulation socks are non-standard sizing, hemi-pelvectomy, fly openings (state whether right or left amputation) and elastic for leg or waist. Specify if bilateral hip disarticulation or hemi-pelvectomy sock is desired. Sold each.

Sizing: To determine which flat measurement of hip socks to order, take 10–20% less than half the actual circumference hip measurement in order to accommodate both the hip and the waist, and make the best use of the stretch of the fabric. Each size will fit circumferences smaller than those stated if stretched in the length, or larger circumferences if stretched in the width. For instance, a 14" width flat measurement, 16" length sock would fit a tall person with a 26" hip as well as a short person with up to a 32" hip measurement. Stretching in the width shortens the length. Stretching in the length reduces the width. Allowances should be made in sizing. Because of the increased elasticity of these fabrics, flat widths of the socks will be up to 10% less than measurement stated.