A prosthetic sock designed to be worn under a suspension liner next to the skin. Relieves skin shear irritations and improves comfort with liners. Tested and proven beneficial for amputees who wear liners as the primary interface. Ultra-thin material minimizes compromise to liner's suction grip on skin. X-STATIC silver fibers to inhibit odor in the sock; transport heat and moisture away from the limb. Washable interface keeps liner cleaner and helps control skin irritations. High stretch for excellent fitting qualities; less sizes required to fit most wearers. 5.8% Lycra® spandex, 94.2% polyester/X-STATIC (5%)


Note to prosthetists: Due to the shearness of sock material, liner suspension should not be affected, however, suspension should be examined and verified for each wearer. Advise and select candidates accordingly.


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