– Using the Double Layer ULFS Sheath, made of two layers of a slick, thin nylon fabric, is simple. The patient must simply don the appropriate socks, then invert the ULFS sheath upon itself, keeping the outer layer about three inches longer than the inner layer. The wearer can very easily slide the limb completely into the socket, as the outer layer slides upon the inner layer, with reduced proximal displacement and bunching of adductor tissue and socks. It is important to leave extra space in the outer layer to ensure that the product will slip upon itself.

The Single Layer ULFS Sheath is designed with locking liners in mind. Featuring a hole in the toe to accommodate locking devices, alignment of the single layer of ULFS material around the pin is not a problem. Almost as slick as the original ULFS, the single layer is the next best thing in donning friction reduction and provides many of the same benefits.

The ULFS is currently available in a 14" and 21" length, in five widths. Since the material is extremely thin, but does not stretch, excess material and wrinkling is imperceptible to the wearer and has not been a problem.
100% Nylon. Machine wash, no bleach, tumble dry.
Select Appropriate Circumferential Fit Based On Top Width And Appropriate Length That Will Allow Overlap.