More consistent compression than elastic wrap. Easy to apply; conforms to contour of limb. Compressogrip Tubular Elastic Bandage is proven effective for edema reduction and control, interim control of hypertrophic scarring following burn surgery, dressing and monitoring device retention. Also smooths irregularities when casting. Available in a wide range of sizes and cost effective. The X-STATIC version adds permanent antimicrobial benefits and effectively wicks moisture away from the skin. X-STATIC's natural silver is both anti-odor and anti-fungal. All sizes provided in 11-yard (10 meter) rolls. Single layer supportive (20–25mmHg) compression; double layer provides therapeutic (35–50mmHg) compression at 50% stretch. Machine wash and dry, warm. Do not bleach. Latex free. Fabric will relax 20% in length after first washing. Autoclaveable.
White, Beige, Black — 92% polyester, 8% spandex
Polyester/X-STATIC® Grey — 87.4% polyester, 4.6% X-STATIC, 8% spandex
Cotton — 88% natural cotton, 4% polyester, 8% spandex


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