Knit-Rite Announces Sale of O&P Distribution Business Division

October 29 2010   






Through our commitment to patients’ needs, and dedicated focus on collaboration through textile research and manufacturing, Knit-Rite is eager to continue to work with prosthetists and orthotists to help resolve clinical problems. Building on our strong 87 year foundation, Knit-Rite will continue to provide a complete selection of effective product solutions, superior service, and the highest level of responsiveness for practitioners so they can in turn provide patients the best care possible”, Smith expressed.


Going forward, Knit-Rite brand products may be purchased through O&P distributors or directly from Knit-Rite. For customers who typically order only Knit-Rite textile products, the company can continue to receive and fulfill orders. For more information visit or call 800.821.3094


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KANSAS CITY, KS –October 29, 2010 – Knit-Rite, Inc. announces effective November 1, 2010, the company will focus completely on the textile manufacturing supply side of their business, as they sell the distribution business division to Cascade Orthopedic Supply.

Mark Smith, CP, President and CEO, stated, “For decades Knit-Rite has served the O&P profession in two businesses, with both our manufactured textile products, and as a broad line distributor. By focusing on our textile manufacturing business we will continue to respond to evolving clinical needs and advance textile solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort. We look forward to continuing to support practitioners in helping patients achieve the best quality of life possible. We also look forward to having even stronger relationships with our several long-time O&P distributor customers.

Knit-Rite has a long history of manufacturing contributions to the prosthetic and orthotic profession. Begun in 1923 after the founding prosthetist began making prosthetic socks for his patients, over the decades Knit-Rite went on to become the leading developer and manufacturer of many O&P textile interface products, as well as adding other manufacturers’ products. Examples of unique textile product advancements Knit-Rite has pioneered include the first machine wash wool prosthetic sock (Super Sock), first high-stretch prosthetic sock (Soft-Sock), Compressogrip® tubular prosthetic shrinkers, Torso Interface® protective body sock, Liner-Liner® sheer suspension liner interface, Power Belt® dynamic compression suspension, SmartKnit® seamless AFO/KAFO socks, Power Pull integrated design donning socks, Stretch Spacer high stretch fitting socks, SmartKnit® seamless diabetic socks, and “Core-Spun” yarn gradient compression socks among several others.