RCC Partnership With Industry Creates 24 New Jobs

November 5 2010   





Customized Industrial Training (CIT) Director Lee Eller begins credits North Carolina Community College System President Dr. Scott Ralls for standing up for the program when the legislature was making budget cuts last year.

“He asked them to leave Customized Industrial Training untouched because of the impact it makes in our economy. The legislature realized its importance and these funds were not touched,” said Eller.

In addition to training on new equipment, Therafirm employees will receive ISO and Lean Manufacturing training as well as classes in supervisory skills, first aid, and forklift operation. To inquire about the CIT program contact Eller at 410-1688 or at Thanks for reading!


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Special To The Daily Journal - North Carolina will invest $41,000 to help Therafirm train their employees on new boarding and packaging machines. The project will create 24 new jobs.

“Our associates are a very large part of our success.” said Plant Manager Jimmy Ray. “ We have worked with Richmond Community College in the past to help our associates become more diversified, and that helps us grow stronger. We would not have received that training in a timely manner had it not been for RCC,

Therafirm is a division of KNIT-RITE Incorporated, and has a plant in Ellerbe.

RCC President Dr. Dale McInnis was on hand for the signing of the new contract. He said the textile industry is no t dead, but it has shifted to products that fit niche markets. Therafirm produces a variety of styles of compression hosiery.

“We’re here to provide the training services that assist industries as they adjust to change. We work closely with Richmond County Developer Rick Sago and the county’s economic development team. We follow their lead and recognize what is needed for growing jobs in our area,” said McInnis.


KNIT-RITE Incorporated is a major manufacturer of orthotics and prosthetics. They bought Therafirm in 2000 when they expanded operations to include compression hosiery. Executive Vice President, CFO, and COO Chris Vering said the company exports products to 42 countries and over half of those products are from their North Carolina facilities.