SmartKnitKIDS® Introduces Seamless Socks & Undies

Featured on People Online

March 9 2011






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There’s nothing like watching your little one get more independent — especially when it comes to getting dressed.


But for some reason, sliding on socks with the heel in place can be a tad difficult for her tiny hands.


That’s why we’re loving SmartKnitKIDS‘ soft (and cool!) Seamless Socks ($5.50).


They’re woven from the toe upward, so there are no tricky seams to worry about.


And no matter which way your tot pulls them up, they’ll fit perfectly each time.

Even better? They mold to your child’s feet, so even the wiggliest kid can’t kick them off.


Equally cool are the comfy Seamless Undies. Available in boys and girls styles, they feature stretchable waist and leg openings that don’t bind.