For fracture management. Fashion knitted with heel for better fit. Core-spun yarn helps prevent wrinkles. Can be used with most plastic and plaster casting materials. Full foot design for procedures where cast encompasses all or part of the foot. Toe may be left closed for foot protection, sock may be trimmed distally and/or proximally and folded back into plaster or other casting material, or extra length may be folded down over top of cast. Foot may be trimmed off so sock can be used for cylinder cast. Stretches from 50–100% depending on ply. May be gas autoclaved — do not steam autoclave. Packaged one per envelope.


3-Ply Original Fracture Socks — 97% acrylic – 3% Lycra spandex; fleeced inside


2-Ply Fracture Cast Socks — 97% acrylic – 3% Lycra spandex
97% cotton – 3% Lycra spandex


Download Catalog PDF
Download Catalog PDF