Tapered Compressogrip B/K Shrinkers are a new addition to the industry standard. Additional width at the top accommodates fuller thighs and reduces rolling and bunching behind the knee caused by too much compression above the knee. Tubular compression material is used for control or prevention of edema following amputation surgery, for limb volumetric maintenance, to minimize hypertrophic scarring and to give compressive support for pain relief. Compressogrip Shrinkers assure controlled compression, ease of application and wearer acceptance. Compressogrip is made from latex free materials and washable. When determining size, allow for swelling.


White, Beige — 92% polyester, 8% spandex
Polyester/X-STATIC® Grey — 87.4% polyester, 4.6% X-STATIC, 8% spandex
Patent Pending.


Download Catalog PDF
Download Catalog PDF